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Disposing of unused, unwanted, and expired medications
Once, it was common practice to flush these medications (also known as pharmaceuticals) down the toilet. Your doctor or pharmacist may have directed you to do this. We now know that these substances are bad for our environment--the ground, water, and air around us.

So, what should you do?
There is no one answer that applies to all people in all parts of the United States. The disposal instructions presented on this website are intended only for areas served by the wastewater agency sponsors listed in the 'About Us' section. One very important thing everyone can begin with, however, is to take medications as directed and finish the prescription when directed to do so by your doctor. Use the links below to learn more.

Los Angeles County is proposing an ordinance to provide additional disposal locations and take-back programs.
Learn more by clicking on the image below.

Walgreens will install "safe medication collection kiosks" in 500 stores in many states, including California

Medications in The Environment

"Safe Drug Drop-Off" Program

Drop-Off Locations
at Sheriff's Stations

(Not for Commercial Use)
Live Outside this Service Area??

Find Out Where to Drop Off Your Unwanted Medication


In case of overdose or accidental poisoning, call the poison center at
1-800- 222-1222
24 hours/day