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The wastewater agency sponsors on this page are public agencies that construct, operate, and maintain facilities to collect, treat, recycle, and dispose of residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater (sewage). We own and operate sewers and wastewater treatment plants, and are tasked with providing environmentally sound, cost-effective treatment. In doing so, we take what others had thought of as waste and turn it into resources such as reclaimed water, energy, and recyclable materials. These sponsors endorse the No Drugs Down the Drain program for residents within their service areas.

If you live in an area outside the sponsors' service areas, contact your city or county and inquire as to the best options for you to follow. To learn more about the programs of each sponsoring agency, visit their websites.

City of Los Angeles
City of Riverside
Orange County Sanitation District
City of San Diego
County of Los Angeles

Inland Empire Utilities Agency
   Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

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